AP--SM security

I am a technical marketing director of Motorola Canopy’s ACD–Infoexcite Techonology of China.

I have a security question about AP and SM:

When I have one AP and three SM,and I have no BAM software(because this is a small

system,and in china,nobody can buy BAM software in such small system).

How can I disable invalid SM accsess my network?

In china, some system of 802.11 series product have two solution:

1.use WEP. because it is a end-end encryption,so it provides a security solution. But in canopy system, only DES, it’s not a end-end encryption,it’s only a air link encryption.

2.MAC filter. In PMP system of 802.11 product,they have a database of MAC in AP,so every SM that want to join AP must add its MAC address to AP,and AP can control SM’s registering.

In canopy system,I don’t know how to provide a simple plan of security?

This is a question of emergency and importance. I need a answer quickly .

and I want to know next R&D plan of canopy system about this question.

Although I haven’t tried it, I know the LUID function in Canopy can be used to control access to AP via the SM.