AP still loses stations

And now we have again end-of-the-month, and again ap keeps kicking stations suddenly. If the reboot is done straight away (less then 5 mins), all come back with good quality.

Doesnt seem like continuous jamming? They wouldnt come back to AP otherwise

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Are there customers with firmware 3.5.X and 4.X on your Ap? This would be a bug, updating the entire network to 4.X should solve the problem.

Yes, please make sure all radios are updated to 4.4.1.


I have the same problem.

AP and stations are on 3.5.x.

Do I have to upgrade all to 4.4.x?

Please, answer! Still having this problem!

All stations were disconnected. I have to reboot the ePMP2000 four times each day.


If you are running 4.4.2 can you pelase open up a ticket with our tech support and add mention Dmitry Moiseev in it?



I should upgrade from 3.5.6 to 4.4.2. If I will do it, can I have problem with stations? Most of them are running 3.5.6 software. They are both Cambium or Elevate (Mikrotik or Ubiquiti)


In case you are running 3.5.6 there is a known defect that was resolved in 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 and it can lead to the described behaviour.



@planetcaravan wrote:

I should upgrade from 3.5.6 to 4.4.2?

YES. Especially if you're running mixed Force 200 and Force 300 clients, then for sure have everything at 4.4.2 for sure. I don't know that will or won't immediately fix every problem, but certainly it has bug fixes that older versions don't... Plus certainly it is the only codebase that Cambium can really look out and work on. They can't reasonably go back to 3.5.2 or 3.5.6  and develop some fix for a bug that was in it a year or whenever ago, and come up with a or anything like that. :)

@planetcaravan wrote:

Most of them are running 3.5.6 software.

You are probably already doing this, but I just wanted to say for sure make sure that each AP and all its SMs are all running the same Version in the whole AP. Mixing some 3.x clients with some 4.x clients on the same sector is going to fubar for sure.

Stupid question: Are you using GPS or are you in WiFi mode?

If GPS, is your holdoff timmer long enough? A GPS issue will kick stations off (the whole AP gets kicked), also the management MCS may need to be set to 0 if there is spuradic or of channel interference.

If in WiFi mode, why are you still using it? what point? this is to migrate a wifi based network (ubiquity) to cambium epmp. WiFi mode has issues due to the way WiFi works, think thin-net type networks.

We have this issue and all are F300 and all on the latest firmware why must we create a ticket if its clearly a big issue ?

@russ007 wrote:

We have this issue and all are F300 and all on the latest firmware why must we create a ticket if its clearly a big issue ?

In my opinion - it's just like when one of your clients calls you and say "it's slow".  There can be dozens of reasons for why a client's internet feels "slow" (interference, weather, cable issue, router issue, computer issue, signal issue, routing issue, water in a connector, brothers are streaming porn on 5 different devices and consuming all the bandwidth) and so "it's slow" is a symptom of some problem, but that's not the 'technical cause' of what exactly the problem is.

Likewise, Cambium has stated a number of times that "not all disconnects are equal", and that they want to track down and squash any/all reasons for disconnects. If there are 5 different possible causes for this symptom, or 10 different causes, or 2 different causes... they need as much detailed reporting as possible. They need to be able to replicate the problem and figure out the precise cause, and they need to make sure they aren't chasing ghosts - the same as each of us WISPs do with our client's ''slow'' reports.

Also, the same symptom isn't a problem for everyone, everywhere. I have 3000L AP's with 21 days of uptime, and no blanket dropped clients, no GPS Sync issues. I have no idea what makes these ones different from some other Cambium WISP who is seeing 'every 2 days' having problems. So I would imagine that's the kind of thing Cambium needs to figure out too - what is different from yours to anyone who isn't having the same issue.

Cambium is on our side - I mean, Cambium and us have the same goal, right? So it makes sense to give them as much details as we can. :)



I'm using TDD, no GPS.