AP Sync

Isn’t there a way to steal sync off of a BH Slave and pass it to an AP by use of a timing cable? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a sheet saying this was possible, but was curious to see if anyone else had tried this out or if I was just dreaming.

Sure you can Pass sync that way. We do it all the time. You need to use RJ12 (6pin) ends.
However you only require 2 wires (I Use BLUE and WHITE/BLUE) terminating WHITE/BLUE on PIN1 and BLUE on Pin 6 at both ends.

Yup, pins 1 & 6 are all that is required. If you actually wire it as a standard sync cable all the way through, you’ll wind up chasing your tail, because it will loopback the radio and make it think it has a default plug in it.

So, just use 1 & 6 :slight_smile:

I like to use the standard sync colors but omit everything else.

Thanks everyone I appreciate the info.