AP that keeps kicking out SMs


What do you think could be a problem on an AP (short range) 5.7GHz that it keeps kicking out registered SMs at the interval of 3-5mins.

And yet those registered SMs have very good RSSI above 500 and jitter 1-3.

I flashed it several times reconfigured it put works well for like an hour then goes back to the same situation of kicking out SMs.

Any ideas.


inteference…are you using any kind of stinger/dish/grid antenna at the sm?

hello Aerowire,

Am using a dish on the SMs. And each SM has jitter of 1 to 2 and RSSI of about 900 +.

Is your AP timed?

My AP is not timed.

How could i do that? am so brick on this.

Hey lwegaba,

You can SYNC or time your APs on the configuration page under Sync Settings. For the option of Sync input : Select Sync to Received Signal (Powered Port).

Hope that helps.

I have developed Canopy in Dar Es Salaam and its running great.

You need a sync source at the AP site (Moto CMM) to get sync. Or you can tell your AP to generate it’s own sync. However if you tell it to generate it’s own sync and there are other 5.7 AP’s in the area that your’s can see then it won’t work.

You’ll either need a CMM2 or CMMmicro from Motorola, or one form Last Mile Gear or one from PacketFlux.

Hi y’all,

Thanks for yo help.
I was to able to make my AP an SM and went to spectrum analyzer. I saw that the frequecy i was using had alot of interference.

I assigned that AP another freq. Am working fine.
My ping times are in avarage of 25ms and my SMs are have not shown any sign of re-registering.