AP Throughput

Hi all,

New here and looking into the ePMP range.

I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on what sort of throughtput I might see on a sector with 20+ SM connected to it during peak hours. (what it can handle) Would like to see if its a upgrade to Ubiquiti or not.

Hopefully a few people will reply so I get a good sample.

Basically I would like some feedback on what people using 20+ SM on a sector are seeing. I know what the data sheets say so please do not refer me to those.

If you can help me, please screen shot a pic with the amount of clients on the link (delete all the confidential jargon of cause) and the speed it is doing. along with any additional info you think may help a new comer to this equipment.

what speeds will you be offering, what channel size will you be offering, what distance will you offer it?

Hi and thanks for your reply John.

We are looking at 12/1 Mbps for plans, 20MHz channel Width.

Some of our towers will have clients with a max distance of upto 5kms away, some of our other Towers that are located up on the peak of hills and service rural area's will have clients upto 10kms away.

We will be using Force 110's for the SM and GPS Sync Sectors on the Towers.

Im just after some real world feedback, it will help us determine our setups or what is available to us.



Please see Max real throughput on heavy load AP.