AP to have 2nd SSID for Elevate provisioning

The ability for an ePMP1000/2000 access point to broadcast a second SSID and with default authentication key so that a newly upgraded Elevate client can connect to be properly provisioned for the "real" sector.  This provisioning SSID should have some added security such as short term MAC limit and/or limited network access to prevent anyone using default credentials connecting.  

I'm 100% for a general-purpose secondary SSID and WPA-key pair in TDD mode too.
It would come in handy, for instance, if you have to change the WPA-key of a sector, but not all CPE's are online at the time.

We are investigating ways to speed up the migration process and will keep you posted.

I was just about to write this up as an idea - but I want it for touchless Force 180 and Force 200 adaption. My goal would be to take a brand new Force 180 and hand it to an installer and have them get it aimed and provisioned without a computer. If I enter the MAC or ESN into cnMaestro, the APs do the rest. If every ePMP 1000 and 2000 AP broadcast a hidden "provisioning SSID", a new SM could associate with any tower and get approval to join that tower based on the ESN being pre-entered. At that point, cnMaestro sends a pre-configured template to the SM giving it the credentials for the "normal" SSID to get it online.

At the very least, the tech can aim the deivce and get it attached to the tower and then an admin can push config files to it with cnMaestro. We spend a ton of time conencting new SMs to laptops to push software and configuration data prior to them being installed.