AP to SM fix

Who do I contact about getting the key for changing a P8 AP to an SM permanently? This is so I can turn them to H/W scheduling and re use them. I know I have to submit my MAC’s for this to happen but I can’t seem to find the right avenue to do this.

have you tried

http://licensing.motorola.com/flexnet/o … l/logon.do


It isn’t an actual license key that does the trick, it’s a tool in CNUT 2.00r2 called Advantage Platform Scheduler. Basically, it checks to see if all SM associated to an AP can do hardware scheduling. If an SM is newer, it just toggles it to HWS mode. If it’s older, like your converted P8, it flashes the unit with a new FPGA that allows the unit to do HWS, then toggles it on. Finally, it toggles the AP into HWS mode.

If any SM associated to an AP are NOT capable of HWS (they have to be at least firmware 6.1) then the tool skips that entire sector, so that no SM gets stranded. Of course, you should try to make reasonable sure that a whole cluster is capable of making the switch before using the tool, or you’ll wind up with a mix of HWS and SWS at the AP level, which would be bad.

It is a license to turn the old software scheduling only AP into an SM. I was directed to my supplier.

Rather than turn them into SM’s I use them as fills. Problem with that is I have to find P9 or earier SM’s.

Hi Derrick,

Wanna get rid of that P8 5700AP?

I can trade you a decent P9 5700SMs.

Sent you a PM.