Ap to SM internet question

We have resurrected a community owned Canopy System with no help as the previous operators failed and left with all documentation. With no Canopy training we have had success on two legs of the system which is receiving T1 signal by a BH5700 (7.1.4) to a CMMmicro, goes out to BH Slave & Cisco BR350 & Omni at one site, directional antenna at another. Clients receive IP address through DHCP. We then tried to implement what we thought would be a simple pure canopy solution of a reflectored 5700AP (7.2.9) coming out of the micro. This was to serve an area of about 15 homes 8 miles distant. We field tested an SM (7.2.9) in that area, and initially received an IP address in the same set as the other legs. The signal was good, the SM registered with the AP, but since that one time no IP address is issued that works on internet, tho the SM and AP register fine. The setup that initially worked was just basic on the SM, no NAT.

Shouldn’t this work? What are we missing in the setup? HELP?

are you filtering anything, such as bootp client? bootp client allows the SM to get an IP via dhcp.

The SM is basically default settings, no filters at all. Only changes were Color, Frequency and Managment IP set. The SM is set up in the location we are trying to serve, at a potential client’s home, and they are still registered. Link tests are OK, but no internet access Any ideas are most welcome.

Ethernet interface ENABLED or DISABLED???

By ethernet enabled/disabled do you mean the 802.3 Link Enable/Disable setting? If so, it is set to Enable right now. I have actually tried it both ways in desperation. Please excuse my lack of knowledge, we have a fair grasp of the hardware in this setup, but the networking part has been a challenge. Where we are located, the only internet choices are dialup or slow $$ satellite. The other legs of this system that are working are doing great, with over 1MB up and down, often more, with avg. 50ms latency.

Thanks to all who are responding, maybe we can get this resolved soon so others can get online with this AP setup. This is the first AP we have tried to use.

If you assign a static IP out of the range on your dhcp server does that work? Do other customers on that AP get internet?

If you assign yourself an ip on your private network you can easily trouble shoot the problem. I would be surprised if it was a configuration problem with your SM.

Assign your computer an ip on your private network, for example an IP simular to one of your APs.

Ping the SM
ping the AP
ping the backhaul
ping as close to the dhcp server as possible.

I bet you find a broken link, if all else fails try swapping out the SM.

I can ping the AP, and can also get into it from our control computer. I can access the SM through the AP Luid select. The SM and the AP do a link test fine. The SM continues to be registered to the AP. We can communicate with all the BHs in the system as well. We begin to suspect either a bad ethernet port on our field test computer, or a router problem. (the customer has his computer on a Linksys router).

There are no other customers at this time on this AP. But other customers on our other legs of the Canopy system are doing fine, with and without routers, getting IP addresses; however they are not using SMs as receivers. This is the only section we have set up that way. The other legs go through Cisco BR350s out to antennas transmitting 2.4GHz. Thanks for the help, we will keep trying to work this out, as the need is great.