AP Utilization

Is there a way to track the utilization of an AP? We are using advantage series AP and SM and would like to track AP utilization of the shared bandwidth.

If you have Prizm, you can open up the Statistics tab and see a range of information such as RF traffic, ethernet traffic, and “bandwidth usage”. I’m sure someone more knowledgeable than I will post a few OIDs for this…

we do that with The Dude by MikroTik. it works great for monitoring the network and its free! it’ll monitor anything snmp capable as long as you have the mib files for it. it comes with canopy mibs built in.

A few of us use cacti ez, another free tool

I’ve been playing around with the free version of PRTG for the last month and so far I really like it, seems to be a very well made piece of software. It’s the web interface that I love. Works great with google chrome in application mode!

I am curious to try TheDude and CactiEZ one day when I have time. How do they compare with PRTG?

We started with MRTG (Linux version of PRTG) and moved to Cacti. It seems better to handle larger amount of data. Now when a customer calls we can troubleshoot very quickly.

Got it. Thanks all for the responses. I will try PRTG and let you know how it works. From what I have seen it seems to have good reporting also.