AP430 with CMM3 trick

We would like to have a classic AP, plus a AP430, plus a CMM3 (micro) together and synchronized. The AP430 is powered by its PoE.
Synchronization would go like this:
- CMM receives sync from GPS.
- CMM sends sync to classic AP through RJ45.
- Classic AP sends sync to AP430 through RJ12.

https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/13ex … edit?hl=es

I know we should use a CMM4, but do you think this could work?
I don’t know if the classic AP can receive and send sync at the same time.

Dont do it that way. Just take out sync from cmm to the ap430 (sync port rj11)
you have to se the pin out in the user guide, look for the cmm slave mode(receiving sync from another cmm master)

  • The AP-to-AP sync trick did NOT work. It looks like AP doesn’t send sync through timing port when receiving it from the power port.
    - The CMM timing port setup did work.

    Thank you.