APAC Webinar: Cambium Enterprise Update - New Wi-Fi 6E Products, Switching, Cloud Management Progress and Evolution

Join this webinar geared towards the Asia Pacific region to learn about our updated Wi-Fi portfolio. We will discuss our new WiFi 6E products with a great value proposition:

  • Flexible Migration: Software-defined Wi-Fi supports graceful migration to 6GHz
  • Software solutions and tools to support the new band, including Wi-Fi 6E Migration Assistant that recommends when the network is ready
  • High density platform (XE5-8) that is completely unique in the industry to solve dense use cases with less equipment, lower TCO
  • Compelling price point for future-proof Wi-Fi without a premium price (XE3-4 is lowest price enterprise Wi-Fi announced to date).

We will also discuss our updated portfolio of Ethernet Switches (cnMatrix), and share how we continue to innovate our Cloud Management solutions, SWIFT, cnMaestro and XMS.



Thank you for joining our webinar! You can register to view a recording of the session here.