API access for MUX Gain and Data Usage per day.

2 Things i can't seem to figure out...

In the API is their a way to get the data usage like the cnMaestro has in the dashboard that shows how much data each SM used per day?

Also is their any way to pull the DL/UL Mux Gain from the API for each Access Point, if not when will this be available? I'm trying find a way to better estimate usage in my reports but without DL/UL Mux seems not possible.

Hi ,

For the SM usage data in the API you have to refer for DL/UL Kbits in the performance API for ePMP/PMP .

When you say DL/UL Mux gain is it MAX Gain or anything else. Can you point out to the parameter in dashboard or stats so that we can provide the API parameter accrodingly.



Ah so have to manually get the difference between times to calculate the usage, thought the API would have provided a X per hour change. I can do the math on my side.

As for the DLUL Mux gain, no i meant MUX gain, basically any of the MU-MIMO stats, multiplexing gain especially, i don't think their in the cnMaestro dashboard yet, thought 2.3.0 would get them added but apparently not, is their plan to add them as right now its nearly impossible to guage a 450m's utilization from cnMaestro or the cnMaestro API.