Applications for cnReach dual radio modules

One of the unique features of cnReach is the ability to deploy a dual radio module.  This capabilty is covered in the knowledge base here.

Dual radios have several applications including:

1. The primary use of the dual radio options is to deploy back-to-back relay nodes.  In this configuration one radio can be pointed West while the second radio is pointed East.  This is an improvement over traditional store-and-forward relays as the capacity is maintained through the link and latency is reduced. 

2. The second radio can also be deployed as an Access Point.  This scenario effectively allows for self-backhaul and reduces the number of radios that need to be deployed, powered and maintained.

3. With the 900 MHz cnReach radio one radio can run in the unlicensed ISM band while the other is in the licensed MAS band.  This combines high fade marging of licensed with the higher capacity of unlicensed.

4. In licensed bands, each radio can operate on a different frequency to double the capacity.  The RF signals can be combined with a diplexor or on separate polarities of a dual polarity yagi antenna.

In what scenarios would you see value in deploying a dual radio module?

- Bruce

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