Applying a key to PMP 450 radios

At times keys will be acquired for PMP 450 radios.  The will look similar to the key below:



     Each key is unique by the generator and cannot be reused by changing the MAC address.  With few exceptions all keys are applied the same way logged on with an administrator account  To apply the key first logon to the radio.  In this example the radio is keyed Maximum Throughput of 4 Mbs

     The key is applied to the address bar.  If the IP address of the key for the MAC address does not match, either change the IP address in the key or copy and paste everything after the "ip-address/" with the new key.

Applying new unlimited key 

Hit the enter key and the key will be applied.  If applied correctly you should see the key change on the screen when applicable and the reboot message will appear.  After the reboot the process is complete.  If the key did not apply, check to make sure you are logged on with an administrator account.