Applying config to ePMP CPE

We have been having an issue with uploading config file to CPEs possibly since version 3.3

As part of our configuration we use a cert for radius auth stored as user cert 1.

However when I apply the saved config to a CPE running v3.5.1 I get a number of errors on upload:

User Provisioned Root Cert 1 : Add certificate or enable default

This is with the following entry in the config file:

"wirelessRadiusUser1Certificate":    "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- ....... -----END CERTIFICATE-----"

This config has been confirmed as working with v3.2.1, the use of either .bin or .json format also make no difference.

Is there another way of applying a config containing a cert in the latestversion.

PS, the config does work if I upload the cert and save it before I upload the config but my installers don't like the extra step...


Is that issue relevant for ePMP CPE not Elevate, right?

We will check that issue and reert to you shortly.

Thank you.


We have reproduced issue.

Looks like issue occurs only when default certificate is removed.

Please try to use configuration file with default certificate + User Provisioned Root Cert 1.

Thank you.

Problem is when saving the binary config with the radius cert applied and then uploading to new device. The binary does not seem to save or be able to upload the cert from the binary. Works fine for json config.