Applying templates with cnMaestro?

The switch from f/w version 3 to f/w version 4 on our ePMP network has revealed a minor issue. Our original configuration had set the DHCP start IP as the same as the LAN IP address - it wasn't breaking anything before, but now, it prevents saving any other configuration changes. Likewise that some of our techs had added a Preffered AP to the list without either removing the WPA2 security type (as we don't use it) or putting in a key. The radio works fine, but now, we can't save any changes.

I tried to create a template to fix the problem, but each time I run it, I just get a Result of "ServerBusy" and the Message is "There are unsaved changesets on device". The documentation on how to make and apply templates is virtually non-existent, so I have no idea if I'm doing something wrong, the template has a problem, or what.

Can anyone who has gotten templates to work offer any advice?