APs booted up with Inactive SW bank

Yesterday, I successfully upgraded a pair of epmp 1000 sync radios to firmware v 2.3. Today, I had to upgrade the power supply feeding my CMM4 from 24V to 30V because the voltage drop at the top of our tower was more than I was comfortable with. So after the successful power supply swap, both of the epmp 1000 radios booted up their inactive sw bank (v 1.1.7). I can't think of any reason why this happened but if I powered down the radios improperly, I certainly want to avoid this situation in the future from occurring again.

I've performed the upgrade again on both radios and am running v 2.3 again, but the Inactive sw bank still shows v 1.1.7. I'm concerned this will happen again if I don't fully understand what triggers this to happen. Is there a way to copy over the inactive sw bank so that it also is the stable v 2.3, perhaps via SSH?

Hi Matt, 

A second upgrade should get the inactive bank on 2.3 as well. When you perform an upgrade, the new software is written on to the inactive bank. After the required reboot the radio will swap banks making the inactive bank active and vice versa. I am puzzled a second upgrade did not get both your banks to 2.3. If the radio's inactive bank shows 1.1.7, can you try another upgrade to 2.3. It should get both banks to 2.3. Make sure you are using the "Main Software" section under Tools->Software Upgrade and not the "GPS Firmware" section. 



I performed the upgrade again on both, and now the inactive SW bank is  v2.3 on both. Thanks!