AP's losing or dropping most or all SM's...

Good Morning all,

I have a situation and was hoping you might have some ideas or words of wisdom.

We have a tower location that has 3 Motorola Canopy 900 AP’s up, it’s been functional for over a year, with next to little or no problems. I’ll see if I can get all the pertinent info here to lay the scenario out.

-2 of the 3 ap’s are back to back using a 906.0 frequency with different color codes. One has 70 customers and the other has 30
-the 3rd AP is using a 920.0 and has 20 customers
-there is a CMM Micro with GPS that has never lost sync
-all are upgraded to
-little or no re-reg counts before dropping off
-all are using shielded cable

Here’s the scoop, in the last few months or so we’ve lost all or most of the SM’s on the 2 AP’s with the 906 freq but never the 3rd AP with the 920 freq. It seemed to happen predominantly on the weekends in the afternoon which led us to believe “the dreaded interference” but while it was occurring we ran spectrum analysis and it showed nothing, and now for the last 5 mornings of this week we have lost both AP’s from 8:00 to 8:30. I changed one of the sides to to a 913 freq and left the other at 906, and still the two lower freq went down this morning and the 920 stayed up… The 920 freq. AP has never lost customers or been down, so that rules out the CMM pretty much.

In all my tests and trials the only thing that I have found that will get the customers back up and registered on the AP’s is to log in and change the frequencies to NONE, reboot both AP’s, then log back in and turn the frequencies back to their original freq’s. Within seconds the sessions list starts to re-populate all the registered SM’s.

Aside from outside interference, any thoughts or ideas? J

Thanks for the time,


Are you using Prizm/Bam?

yes we are using prizm mainly for monitoring but not bam.

Well we’ve had weird issues like that as well. We are runing Prizm but in BAM only mode on a RHE Server. And typically when these troubles occur it’s after the server is does a web update. A reboot of the server usually fixes the problem.

Are your APs connectorized?

I usually encounter this in our Connectorized 5700AP.

Until I set it to factory default or turn it off for 10mins, then it can run as good as before.

they are connectorized 900 AP’s but yes that is exactly the only fix when they go down. they have not done it in about 3 weeks. (knock on wood)

On my part, I usually experience on during hard rains and the night is very cold.