AP's Offline

My usual check across all my sites this morning showed every site having come back on line 11hrs 8mins ago, +/- a few mins. Never seen that before, did I miss a cnMaestro maintenance alert? Anyone else notice similar?

A cnMaestro update wouldn’t reboot any radios. Have you actually logged into some of the radios and checked the uptime?

Thanks Eric, good call. I have just checked as you suggested. The radios do indeed show the uptimes I would expect from the sites. I’m curious as to why the online times report differently via the dashboard vs the device. I’ve not noticed it before and it stands out because its across many different sites

Are you using the on premise or cloud version of cnMaestro?

I’m using the cloud version

Hello Duke,

This is usually a DNS issue on the SM and the AP.
Under network, please change the DNS entries.

These are some entries that work:

Thanks Frederick. We already use all the eights and eight/four. Will try the nines and ones!

Try these….

Also, this can happen if you disable NAT in your modern plugged into your core router. If you have done so, please enable the NAT in your modem providing internet ton your core router.