APs stuck in MIMO-A mode and the SMs go to Idle

The upgrade to v13.4 we are starting to see reports of APs going stupid and requiring a reboot. It seems they get locked into a Mimo-A only mode where obviously speeds suffer but SMs will stay Idle if they lose their session and you can’t get a new SM to register. A remote reboot is the only answer. After that it’s totally fine but the logs don’t report any errrors and we haven’t found anything that would lead us to its cause.

Anyone else seeing the same issues? Thanks and appreciate your responses.


Are you using RADIUS for SM authentication?
What is the state of SM in session table?
Can you please send logs of AP and troubled SM. Here is how to do,

On AP goto logs - >SM sessions and selects the luid of troubled SM, click save change, you will get logs, copy that please.

On troubled SM, goto Logs - > AP session and copy the logs.


This is exactly what i have experienced. When i upgraded to 13.4, existing SMs are operational but when our intaller did a new install, i noticed the new SM is not reaching our radius server. I have to revert to original firmware for the new SM to register

We are not using RADIUS, the status of the SM in the session table showing lower SNR and the logs don't show any error everything looks normal in the log unfortunately we can not get the log now since all the troubled APs were rebooted. We will watch for it next time when we see this issue we will get logs and CNUT capture. Thanks