AP's with detachable antenna's (Not Canopy)

I’m looking to do a point to point, and need to purchase 2 AP’s that have removeable antennas so I can attach an External antenna to them.

Can anyone recommand any?


Licensed or unlicensed

why are you using AP(P2M) to do a P2P link ?

Distance isn’t a factor…if needed, I’ll amp it.
Cost = Low as possible


An AP on each side set to Bridge mode. That’s how I’ve always done them.

Do you have another way do in it?

Can you do it with Mikrotik? I have heard alot of good things…

Downside to 802.11 is that is was never really intended to reach that far.

Alternately you could see about buying someones older P8 AP and SM.

I’m still lost, what AP’s were you thinking off, I am not aware of AP’s being able to register to each other, unless they are WDS capable. In which case you can have a look at valuepointnet speak to Ryan.

As Jerry mentioned Mikrotik P2P BH are another good option, but keep them away from Canopy kit.

What we did in the past was buy 2 AP’s that have removable antenna’s or AP’s that have the MC-Card input for a pigtail, then we hook an external antenna to them. The AP’s must have a bridge mode and be WDS compliant. I’ve found the D-Link DWL-2200AP works well, and also the Buffalo Tech WZR-RS-G54. Extremely simple to install and set up. To do a compete PTP(without labour) Cost inbetween $600 and $1500.00CDN nding on the complexity of the install the cable being used or if it needs to be amped at all.

What we have done in the past. Is…

Used “MOTOROLA WE-800G Wireless 802.11g Ethernet Bridge” @ $40 x 2 ($80)

removed antenna and replaced with a “2.4GHz Backfire 14dBi WiFi Antenna” @ $35 x 2 ($70)

Total hardware cost = $150 :lol:

Very nice. I will remember that, thanks


WOW that is a much cheaper alternative. Do you happen to know what type of connector is needed on the cable for the external antenna that connects to the Unit?

Can this MOTOROLA WE-800G be monitored (SNMP)? Or are there any that do have this feature?

  1. RP-SMA - Cable End

    2. SNMP - Not sure. They are behind the customers firewall as well as behind our 900mhz SM


what distance/throughput can you get, and are any of sides colocated with canopy ?