Archived versions of CNUT and System Software


I understand that upgrading early versions of the Canopy system software to the latest version (7.3.6) is not “supported” by Motorola. However, I have never had any problems upgrading my backhauls from version 3 and 4 to 7.3.6.

That being said, I have a 10Mbit backhaul running 3.1.5 that I am trying to upgrade. I can’t get CNUT version 2.0 to upgrade the unit to 7.3.6.

I then tried upgrading first to system software 7.0, however it appears that the package I downloaded from Moto’s site was for an earlier version of CNUT. Unfortunately I can’t find anwhere to download CNUT 1.1.

Does anybody know if there is a site I can download archived versions of the CNUT tool and Canopy system software?

I contacted them about this and they will not give you access to the old version because they no longer support it. I explained to them a very similar issue I was trying to upgrade some older SM’s to new firmware that for whatever reason were missed. They either did not understand or just didnt want to give an older version of it I dont know. I had a friend send me the old version so that I could do what I wanted. I now have 2 versions of CNUT installed so that I may have backwards compatibility with old firmwares if I need to.

So if you didnt upgrade all of your radios to 7.2.9 before the new version of CNUT was released and do not have the old CNUT you may SOL.

Thank you for the reply. Not quite the answer I was looking for though.

Do you still have the setup files for the older version? If so, could you e-mail them to me?

In the meatime, has anybody had any luck doing an upgrade from versions 3.1.x to the latest?

I sent you a copy of the older cnut program. ... s.exe.html

Maybe ... s.exe.html

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i think it's the new one.. CNUT 2.0 not CNUT 1.0