Are 3rd party (non-Cambium) devices supported in Wireless Manager?

Yes.  Devices are supported in WM by use of XML definition files called device templates.  The device templates tell WM how to detect and fully manage the device. 

 During the discovery process, WM will attempt to determine the device type by polling certain OIDs and examining the results.  These OIDs are defined inthe template files.  If WM is unable to determine a specific type, the last template it tries is the Generic template.  Virtually any devices supporting an SNMP interface will be recognized with the Generic device template.

Generic devices have many limitations - it is not possible to configure most parameters, only interface table stats are polled, and only basic traps are interpreted.  Links will also not display in the physical maps view, though the device will be displayed.  

Full support can be given to Generic devices by either writing a device template file, or contracting out to Cambium Professional Services to do so.