Are all AP and SM versions Part 96 certified and CBRS capable?

We have a mix of 3.65 GHz 450 and 450i AP, APL and SMs deployed over the past 7 years or so.

Are all of these CBRS capable?  And Part 96 certified?  Or are we going to have to do some last minute truck rolls to replace some of the older equipment?  Not talking about PMP320 here, just 450, but older 450.

Is there anything other than throughput and SM count that will require 450m?  I'm guessing all the APs and SMs can cover the entire CBRS frequency range once we upgrade the firmware and enable CBRS mode, but also that only the 450m can take advantage of the higher regulatory EIRP?  Is there anything else about CBRS that requires 450m?

All models of the PMP450 have been re-certified for CBRS (part 96).  The PMP450m (and PMP450m limited) are the only 3GHz APs that will be able to support the high EIRP of CBRS, but all PMP450 models will support the frequency band.

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