Are cnPilot r201p routers garbage?

Deploying some cnpilot r201p routers and wifi signal is garbage.... im standing beside the router and i get high latency, half of my download speed and under half for upload.  Hardlined into the router works great.   I swapped the cambium router with a comparable tp link router and I have much better performance and wifi coverage.  We have deployed 10 routers and every single one has the same issue.   Anyone else have or seen these issues, would love a fix.

Hi ,

Which firmware version are you using ? Can you upgrade to latest firmware version 4.6-R16 ?

If it doesn't solve your problem , please raise a support ticket , we will debug the issue .



I have the same issue on the latest 4.6-R16 and 4.4.2-R2.  I have raised a  support ticket but I have been asked for floor plans and photographs of router installs, which we dont have time to do at this time.  I swapped in a comparable TP link router in the exact same spot as the cambium router in a few of my customers sites and it performs perfectly fine.  The sites have the router placed in a centralized location in the home with no immediate obstructions, with the r201p the wifi performs very poorly.

We just received 40 r195w and the first 2 out of the box had terrible results on the wifi for throughput, both 2.4 and 5.

Hardlined speed results were bang on but wifi not so good. 

This situation was a customer moving from satellite internet to our fixed wireless service, 20mbps download speed.  standing right next to the router we had 12mbps....and as you can guess it got worse as we moved away from router. 

Now Ive tried above said settings and it made no difference, Im actually really fed up with no answer to this issue that a TON of people are complaining about and Ive done extrensive testing.  To wrap this up and make it easy for eveyone.... we put in the customers previous router that they used with their satellite provider, a d-link router, and we had 20mbps throughout the whole house, riddle me that!

Having cambium routers for deployments is grest to have that extra step for managment and troubleshooting without the truck roll.  Cambium please fix this issue, this is not isolated, to many people on this forum have experienced these issues and have seeked out a solution.