ARP Stats Page Missing from v8+ SM's ?

In the newer version 8 Subscriber Modules, where is the equivalent of the http://<ip>/arpstat.html page? Our tech support department uses this information constantly - now it’s either missing or arranged very differently. We certainly hope we’re not loosing that important tool while going from version 7.x.x to version 8.x.x


so far nobody knows?

sorry, but bump

statistics -> arp

robtro wrote:
statistics -> `arp`

not seeing that on "CANOPY SM-DES"

our menu choices are:

    Scheduler Bridging Table Translation Table Ethernet Radio VLAN Data VC Filter NAT Stats NAT DHCP Statistics

I do not see ARP amongst them.

we used to have a list of which IP's are being used by which MAC's ...

nobody nows what happened to this info?

you’re right. i just looked at an 8.1.x radio, it’s not there.

however, it is on the 8.2 radios (that’s why i originally replied)

BUT, then again, you can just telnet to the radio, and:

Telnet+> arp -a

IP Address        Physical Address   iface pend  flags  c-time      l-time
10.x.x.x 00-0c-42-xx-xx-xx 0 N 0x00 9230040 9230480 1a-00-3e-xx-xx-xx 1 N 0x00 9224181 9230256 ff-ff-ff-ff-ff-ff 0 N 0x00 624848 624918

Right, the page disappeared for R8.1 and is back in R8.2. (ID 4774 in the 8.2 Release Notes)