As subscribier module , which TPlink CPE can interconnect with ePMP2000 AP?

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Pls advise me for can i use TPlink CPE 5GHz as subscriber module and interconnecet / radius authentication in exisiting ePMP2000  ( Point to Multi-Point ) Network .

Which TPlink CPE ( 5 GHz ) models are compatiable to use with ePMP-2000 Access Point ?

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So first of... this is not a good idea. The ePMP 2000 is best used with Cambium clients. While the ePMP 2000 supports WiFi mode, it's only there to provide a temporary connection to help with equipment conversion. Theoretically, any WiFi client equipment is supported, you'll just need to make sure that WDS is enabled on the client.

Lastly, you're probably not going to find anyone from Cambium or in this forum suggesting or recommending a specific or any TP-Link CPE for ePMP 2000, again, beause this is not the optimal use case.


Like Eric said, you'll want to run ePMP in its proprietary protocol as oposed to running it in WiFi mode because the benefit of ePMP is its more efficient scheduler. It's not contention based like WiFi or polling based like some other WiFi based PMP platforms so it's not susceptible to the hidden node problem like outdoor WiFi and scales much better than a polling based protocol. ePMP SM's are also competitively priced so you should be able to deloy ePMP instead of TP-link. We've supported "ePMP Elevate" for non-ePMP devices to run ePMP firmware, but I'm not sure that's possible on TP-link. 

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Thanks for your kindly advise . Found out supported model list and required license as ePMP Elevate in Cabmium’s Website .

ePMP Elevate