Ask the Experts – ePMP March 25

Our first “Ask the Experts” live Community event will feature Sakid Ahmed, engineering director and members of the ePMP development team. This is your opportunity to ask them anything in a live environment.

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Good day! Please post your questions in this thread. 

We have a phone in question...when will the Force 110 be available in 2.4 GHz?

Not so long ago Ubiquity developed specifically for legal Russian telecom equipment Nanostation M6 / Rocket M6 and this equipment demand in the construction of wireless networks for large telecom operators. Cambium whether development plans device EPMP 1000 frequency bands 6.100-6400 Khz?

Force 110 in 2.4 GHz is expected to be available late summer. 

There is no plan at this time to support 6100-6400 MHz on ePMP. 

There will be an upcoming Force variant that will support 2.4 GHz. It is slated for June 2015 availability

Equipment ePMP 1000 INTEGRATED RADIO C050900C031A antenna equipped with a broad pattern (BEAMWIDTH-AZIMUTH = 30 °). Sometimes there are problems in the adjacent customer C050900C031A - antenna receives interference from adjacent clients.
Do you plan to use in C050900C031A antennas with a narrow radiation pattern, for example, H: 5 ° on V: 5 ° and as a consequence of high gain?

There is a new product in the works for later this year that will support a 15 degree azimuth and higher gain in an integrated module. Does that help?


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It will be very good. Thank U.

Equipment companies Mikrotik has the ability to access the CLI through the MAC-telnet (SSH) if the loss of control over IP and equipment very far.
Will be very good if the equipment will be able to Cambium well as provide access to the CLI from the radio interface for MAC-telnet (SSH).

We are considering this as part of a future SW release. Please stay tuned and keep an eye on the release notes.

Recently, we found out that the market there are several hardware revisions ePMP 1000.
Visually, we can not tell them apart, and sometimes it leads to additional costs to buyers and distributors as need to replace equipment already purchased.
How can you determine the hardware revision of the device and whether it is possible to print on the future of this information on the device and packaging? Is it possible to describe the difference in the instruction hardware revisions?


For this item, I strongly encourage you to call into our support line and share the observations and specifically examples of so called HW revisions. All of the current ePMP HW - the ISM, CSM & Synchronized units have just one HW revision. We have not modified or updated the HW since the time of launch.


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When will the Auxiliary Port become a 802.3 af port?

we want to connect a Samsung Camera to this port and it is not working..:(

The aux port today supports 30V and our proprietary pin out. However, we have a prototype accessory that can change this to 802.3af. Please note that the standard power brick is 15W and the SM consumes a maximum of 7 watts therefore you have about 8 watts for your Samsung camera. If you want more wattage for the camera then you can use a power brick that we have offering 20Watts. 

As for the prototype  unit, I will be glad to provide you a few sample units if you email me off line.



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Is there any plan to introduce WiFi to ePMP? In some of the other radios this facility available and to some extent ISP can get access to the radio without even entering the shelters - at least for management purpose.


There are two things planned here -

a. Today, you can log into the CLI of the ePMP and enable WiFi mode for the AP. All the confguration for frequency and power should be done via the GUI and under enhanced PTP mode and then via CLI you can switch to WiFi AP mode. The commands are below -

AP>config set wirelessInterfaceProtocolMode 2
AP>config save
AP>config apply
Please note that if you make changes and switch back to TDD or Flexible mode, you will have to enter the commands via CLI again. 
We are working on introducing the WiFi mode in the GUI shortly but in the  meantime please use the above.
b. End of Q2, we will offer a WiFi SW package that you can install on the AP separately from our current SW releases. This will support standard WiFi but also multiple SSID, captive portal and guest access
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must i only change some pins in the ethernet cable?

I have an odd issue.

I have monitoring software that pings the AP's.  It is not logging into the units.  

If I am logged into the ap and the monitoring software pings it, I get disconnected with a popup that says:

Your login session has expired or another user has logged into this device causing your login session to be ended.  Please login again.

Any way to stop this?