Asking For Your Opinion EPMP 400c

hello i decided to buy
Cambium Networks ePMP 5 GHz Force 400C (EU) (EU cord) C050940C223A with Ubiquiti AF-5G30-S45 30 dbi antennas

To Link between an 18 km PTP Link above The Ocean Where There is Fog Rain … i just wanna make sure before buying it is it gonna work stable thank you

18km through that path, 30db antennas may not give you enough gain to compensate for the lower tx power levels in the EU. Keep in mind that these radios split the power between each 10mhz channel, so if you have a 40mhz channel, you will find your tx power is more limited than a 20mhz channel or a 10mhz channel.

how much bandwidth are you trying to maintain? With 5ghz, does fairly well through rain and fog but over the ocean where you will have a lot of non-condensing water vapour, you will see excessive path loss and then add the rain/fog fade.

have you modeled this link in link planner? I know those antennas are not in the listing but you can select an antenna of the same diameter and gain to get a very close representation of your path losses and expected throughput.

I do think this will link just not at the throughput availability that the radios are capable of.

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thanks for the quick reply what do you suggest change the 400 c or what

model the link in link planner, its free and take about 15mins.
You may just need a larger diameter dish to ensure you have enough signal to noise (SNR) to get the modulation you need to get the throughput wanted.

The EU has some very restrictive rules about conducted and radiated power levels, so once you have the link modeled you will need to ensure that you are compliant with the local regulations you are under.

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i wanna use a unlicensed if i buy a 400C EU i cannot change the restrictive rules? im in africa

Africa in general is a mixed bag of restrictions and allowances, without a specific country I would not know which regulations to look up. Your local distributor for Cambium radios can help you with this or your country’s radio regulatory body.

I highly suggest you look at the force400c-ROW (rest of world) radios as they will allow you to specifically select your country and Cambium has spent a lot of effort to simplify compliance to many countries regulations.

You will still need to be compliant regarding EIRP levels for point to point links for your country.

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so the row will give me acess to restricted frequencys and dbi right

not exactly, what row will do is allow you to select the country you are in and it will automatically make the frequencies you can use available at the power levels you are allowed to transmit at keeping you in compliance with your country’s laws. Some countries require an additional unlock license (free on cambiums support website) to enable some additional features.

Buying a radio not meant for your part of the world will either get you in trouble with your country’s radio commission or you will be restricted to rules that are not in effect in your country. These rules usually limit conducted tx power to abysmal levels.

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If you reach out to Cambium support, they can take a region locked radio and change it to the proper region you’re in, or a ROW radio and change it to the region you’re in… but they won’t take a region locked radio and change it to ROW. You’ll need to buy a new ROW specific radio to have access to an unlocked radio.


i think im gonna buy a row it will be easier

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