Assigning a fixed IP address to a client on cnPilot R190

My level of expertise on routers is very poor so I'd like someone to give me a step by step idiots guide.

I have an IP camera on my network and occasionally the IP address changes and my data recorder "loses" the camera until I add the new address.

I have logged into the router, gone to the Network - Lan page and have found the DHCP Static Allotment.

I have added the device by Mac Address and have used it's current TCP IP Address. Saved and rebooted but the router doesn't remember it. I have avoided messing with the DNS Proxy or Hardware NAT Enable and have left the both enabled. I have found nothing to help in the manual which I think assumes a level of expertise I don't have. Help please. 

Hi ,

Can you share configuration file and , screen capture of MAC static allotment configuration you have done to my mail id

Problem solved with help of Cambium helpline.

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