ATEX/HAZLOC 450i Products

I've been unable to get my hands on any of the Class 1 Division 2 (hazardous area) rated 450i products. Several of my vendors have told me that they placed orders for them last year and still haven't received anything. When can we expect the ATEX/HAZLOC models to be available?


Very timely post, amiller!

We, in fact, will be officially announcing the availability of these products to our channel tomorrow.

These will be build-to-order products, so they will have longer lead times than normal.  We will be making System Release 15.1 official this Friday, and this software version is required as part of the certification for ATEX/HAZLOC (Class 1, Div 2), so nothing can be ordered until this happens.

In summary, these products will be available for ordering by the end of the week.


Thanks Matt! A few more questions:

Which products will be available with the ATEX/HAZLOC certification? PMP450i? PTP450i?

Which frequency bands will be available for the 450i ATEX/HAZLOC models?

I believe that the PTP650 already has that certification but is the PTP820 series going to have this certification as well?

Will Cambium offer ATEX/HAZLOC rated power supplies/POE's? And/or surge suppressors?


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Additional information on these products (such as part numbers, ATEX and HAZLOC certifications, etc.) can be found here.

The answers to most of those questions are at the link provided above, but to make it easy...

1) The PMP and PTP 450i products are the only current ATEX/HAZLOC certified products.

2) This is only for the 5 GHz frequency.

3) PTP 650 is not certified, nor is PTP 820.  

4) Please see the link above, there is documentation to cover which PSU and LPU is required to ensure compliance with the certification.

I will also be posting a Knowledge Base article on this topic later this week with FAQs regarding ATEX/HAZLOC.