ATI FIRST NETWORK - ePMP Force110 & PTP650 (L-Versions)

This is our first network using:

ePMP Force 110 PTP - 7 links

PTP650 (L) - 3 link


Awsome result for a mixed network with threatening sources of interference. Longest link measured at 40km. Just to play safe we intend to limit channelbandwidth to:

PTP650 - 10-15MHz

ePMP - 20MHz

Until we finalize with the proper channel and BW  allocation.



This looks like a great network. Can you tell us more about what you are connecting and what services (data, VoIP, Video) are being carried?

What throughputs are you seeing and what latency do you have on the connections?

Hi Ray,

Network actually performing flawless even at low CHBW settings (due to high interference issues all over the coverage area). PTP650 set to 15MHz only, while Force110 at 10 and we are achieving throughput's about 30Mbps and up.

Take note that we have not yet tested links for Force110 using ePTP mode with the provided GPS sync kit as we just have to beat the time to complete the entire network for a propose video conferencing activity composed of 5 endpoints simultaneously.

I have attached some part of the network/link utilization via "The Dude" tool for your to see. This network actually not yet completed as we still have at least 3-links to add.

This network has been provisioned to serve data, voice and video soon, as well as consideration in using it as a backbone for SCADA services. We might still have to adjust to obtain higher capacities and maximize everything for the client.

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