Audible Tone Alignment Tool

How about improving the Audible Tone system.

I find that it is very difficult to utilize the Audible system for any type of FINE TUNING.

It seems that it is good just to get the general direction, but usually a GPS has already assist in that.

Why not make a more simple system, OR, even better…

INTRODUCE a DIGITAL SIGNAL METER that a tech can simply PLUG IN the to port and it basically displays JITTER and RSSI or something like that.

That would make life REALLY EASY!!

I agree with this suggestion. If the device was reasonably priced too, it would be very worth the purchase. I think redesigning and improving the tones would help. It’s hard to get a good install with less than 2-3 people. I think this would help and decrease the roll-out cost.


I 3rd that suggestion! :wink:

i would agree with the above.

i have been doing sat internet for years and they have a inline tester that we can see the tx and rx values, i am sure that some thing could be designed that would work for the canopy system.


This is an awesome idea. I was trying to figure out a way to connect a PDA so that I could get readings when I’m on a roof, but too much could and probly would go wrong with that setup. Right now I have to mike my office guy so that he can give me readings, or else I have to have another person with me on an install reading the laptop, which is a huge waste because it’s a one man job for the most part.

I would probly only buy one if they were reasonably priced, like $200ish.

For a while there I was doing installs by myself. If you have a place to sit your laptop (most roofs do, Vents, etc) and have the web page update once per second, it allows you to have both hands on the SM. I agree it could be easier though. What PDA’s are you tech’s out there using? The only PDA i have doesnt have a ethernet card on it… yet.

First thing, I have no problem with the notion of using the tone to line up the shot, however the consistancy of the tone is what bothers me. 2.4 and 5.7 sound different, then if you throw hardware scheduling and different harware platforms into the mix its even worse.

Here is a link to a different post where I explained how we do it: … php?t=1322

I find that that works quite well. We do assesments for 90% of our installs to make sure it works before we go out. I have one installer who does 50-60 installs by himself per month. If you are set up properly to do them it works quite well.