August Webinar - August 25th 10:00 AM CST (-06:00 GMT)

In the past some of you said that you were unaware of the monthly webinars that Motorola Canopy hosts. Below you will find some information on signing up for Fridays discussions. The agenda is as follows:

Canopy Lite, Upgrades
Current Canopy Promotions
Private Networks Programs
Point-to-Point Product Updates
Software Release 8.0 Status
Others – Tune In!

WHEN: Friday, 25 August 2006, 10:00 AM Central Time (-06:00 GMT)


If you have questions, feedback or technical issues, please contact us at

This call is the perfect opportunity to ask Canopy about 8.0.

Hmmm… I don’t remember how I was able to subscribe and get the emails about these. I just get them every once in a while and forget what I did to make it happen (channel member area perhaps?).

Anyway, I will be there to listen in…


Yeah, I have been looking around to try and get a notification email about the webinars. My boss gets them, but I don’t. I just got myself onto the Channel Area and was hoping that would do the trick. Anyway, thanks for the post, I will definitely be there as well!

8.0 i’ll be there…

I wasn’t aware of this webinar…

Just wanted to send out another FYI…