Auth Fail

MAC : 0a-00-3e-91-d8-14 Auth Fail 17:11:38 UT (01/20/01)

I'm not sure what that means...I'm not using any authentication on the APs at this time. Actually, I can't even find that MAC in my system for a provisioned subscriber module either.

This was found in the Reg Fails page of the AP.

Could somebody enlighten me as to what that Authentication Failure is possibly from if I'm not using keys.

Edit: I'm supposing it's related to registration failure at a different level. I see a few other Auth Fails on a different AP for a known SM. I'm still mystified by the MAC that has appeared from nowhere though. =/

MAC address of a third party ?

i wonder if someone is trying to connect using an SM with a different key?

default is like 32 zeros.

if the person trying to connect changed their default key i wonder if that would cause it?