Authenticating the Guest user via Radius server using the On Device Splash Page on CnPilot E400

Below are the steps that you need to configure on the E400 and the radius server.

1. Under Configure --> WLAN --> Guest Access --> Access Policy, Click on Radius

2. Under Configure --> WLAN --> Radius Server, Configure the IP address of the Radius server with the secret key.

3. Configure the IP address of the E400 in the clients.conf section in the radius server as shown below.


4. Configure a user “test” with password “test” in the users file in the radius server as shown below.


5. Now connect the client on the SSID, and it will redirect to the login page wherein you can enter the username and password as “test” as shown below.

6. Below is the request received on the radius server from the client and the access-accept message.



Vivek Gupta