Authentication and Link Efficiency

This is going to sound crazy and I don’t see how they can be related but I have 2 differenct AP’s I’ve seen this on.

I have had complaints of poor performance from my customers. I look at the link statistics and see signal levels of -63 and -58 with jitters of 1 to 3 yet when I run a link capacity test, I get terrible result. Usually both teh uplink and downlink show poor results and flip flop as to which on is worse.

THEN, when I turn off authentication, my links go to 100% up and down.

My understanding is that authenication should only be checking if the MAC address of a radio may be on the network at server located at the given IP address and then that it.

I’m running 10.3.2 on 900 MHz equipment.

Please help.

Is this authentication back to Prizm or are you doing encryption with a specific key?

Back to Prizm. I can’t figure out what is going on because I have had some bad tests since turning it off. It’s very sporadic. I would figure it was some sort of RF interference but my signal levels and jitter look great at both ends of the link.