Authentication and QoS Profiles

Are there any plans to implement any form of authentication such as RADIUS or LDAP so that functions such as PPPoE will work? This function is currently available in other Cambium products, such as PMP100, and has been a wonderful asset.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be implemented on the radios themselves, for ease of centralized management this could be part of the CNS Server. In addition to that, it could even configured to pull information from an authentication server to push to the radios such as a QoS Profile Number.

Good questions, the next software release for ePMP will have Station authentication via RADIUS and VSA support for MIR.

Support for PPPoE is expected sometime in Q1.

“The next software” release is very vague. The latest version is 1.2.3. Which version will have station authentication via RADIUS? And when will it be available?

RADIUS authentication and VSA support for MIR is available in Software Release 1.3.4. It can be downloaded from our support web-site @