Authentication Key

I am trying to get authencation turned on. I know where to place the authentication keys in the SM’s, but where do I specify the key on the AP or Prizm server.

In Prizm: Right-click the SM, choose Configure->Authentication Settings->Auth Key

OK, got that part. But where does it cross reference the key from. Is there something server side that the keys get checked against?

Setting it in Prizm that way sets both server and radio. You can set up the auth key ahead of time in the “Define Networks” screen by going to the Edit menu and selecting “Add Elements for BAM Provision”

Back when we just had BAM, I had a webpage created that would compute the next available IP in my network, and md5 it and set the md5 result as the auth key in the db and radio at config time. We haven’t been using BAM due to some problems we had and the fact that we have other methods of keeping control of our network.

What sort of other methods Curtis?

I’ve written about it before, but it’s basically a linux router between the wireless network and the backbone connection that only allows traffic to the 'net if the client is “turned on.” This also allows us to block all access and shunt every web request to a “You haven’t paid your bill” web page for delinquent accounts, or a TOS violation page for abusers, etc.

Iptables is your friend. :slight_smile: