Authentication problem

2 segments of my network still run on BAM 1.1 for authentication. It works fine for a period of time, but now and again, if an SM drops off the network (e.g power issue), when it comes back on it cannot register.

Just keeps changing from scanning, syncing, registering, scanning…etc

so far, the only cure to this is to reboot the AP.

can anybody help me on this one?

That does not necessarcialy (spelling) sound like a BAM issue to me. Do you see unauthorized subscriber attempts in BAM?

How does the link look? I would check that first.

this has been an ongoing problem for quite a while now. The BAM does not show unauthorised subscriber.

I had this prob in the early days of using canopy, when there network cable to the BAM got unplugged, so this leads me to think that for some reason the AP is not communicating with the BAM.

Interestingly, this happens on the APs that are carrying the largest amount of traffic, it never seems to happen on those with few SMs connected…