Authentication with Prizm problem

Hi all,
i’ve got a question:
how can i enable authentication with Prizm? witch procedure?

I’ve just done a test using instruction on User Guide pag 211 (managing authentication) but without success.

- I’ve installed Mysql, license and Prizm trial 2.0
- server is up
- I’ve discovered network and accept elements (1 AP & 1 SM) for full manage
- AP and SM work well without enable authentication on AP

if i enable AP authentication template using procedure pag 211 , than SM start to research AP for registration and never stop (on ap always 0 registered).
I think AP cant find Authentication key for Sm on server.

Witch kind of operation i have to do for setting Authentication key ?
on Sm ? and on database?

Thanks for your help

delete the off the list, don’t manage them to make things simple.

on the AP, select BAM, enable auth, and put the IP address of the prizm server.

make sure the AP and teh prizm are on the same subnet or the are under a routable address.

and restart the ap.

Thanks fro your suggestion

But i haven’t understood a question…

If i set-up server Prizm for BAM Only features and import network from CNUT,
than i have to accept element with “Accept to BAm"
but for AP can’t be able
In fact i can see a message " No Provisionable Elements Selected”.

And for SM there aren’t problem
So How can i do for accept AP into Network Elements? Is this necessary for configure authentication with your method?