Auto Provisioning and updating firmware problems when using Golden Config

I’ve cross posted this from the PMP forum to see if anyone has ideas.
It seems we need to delay the firmware update somehow so it doesn’t fail due to radio rebooting upon getting it’s config.

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@Arakasi, is it possible for the golden config to be pushed as a template from cnMaestro? The auto-provisioning within cnMaestro handles timing correctly between firware updates followed by a configuration update.

Is the scenario that the SM firm connects on ICC, then receives the golden config and connects to cnMaestro at the same time? Is this with cnMaestro cloud or on-premises?

This is with cnMaestro on-prem. Yes, the SM connects to ICC, receives the golden config immediately when getting it’s IP over DHCP, and registers with cnMaestro at the same time, which triggers the auto-onboard feature.

We are pushing a lot of custom variables (unique for each SM), including assigned color code and secondary color codes from a database using the golden config file. This way when the rest of the config applies it triggers a reboot and will connect to the assigned color code automatically. I don’t see any way to replicate this functionality in cnMaestro templates.

I can make it work by just not upgrading the firmware, but I would like to automate this part, especially as we are using STA firmware.

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With replacement variables in templates you could pre-provision devices and set the device-unique values that should be used. Using the API you could automate this using data from your database.

What is the error/failure reason given for the firmware update? This is shown when you click the Summary link in the onboarding queue. You may need to hover-over the Failed graphic to get some details.