Automatic approval / on boarding for PMP platform radios?


Is there a way to automatically approve and onboard PMP platform radios?  Currently I see cnPilot Enterprise and cnPilpot home series in the auto provisioning but nothing for PMP.

The goal we have is to not require an admin to click "approve"  for devices waiting for approval. Even if they show up in the default site, while not ideal, would be better then requiring an admin to approve devices before they showup. 


Yes you are right, as of today we dont have the auto approve for PMP radios.

Please post in Idea section and we will work on it.

Is the idea section another area of the website? I see no forum named ideas nor any topic under the cnMaestro from.


The ideas section is linked when you click the three bars icon at the top left of the forum.  Here's a direct link:

Check to see if the idea has already been posted with the search option and if so, upvote it.  Otherwise create a new one.  In either case, I recommend also posting a link to the Idea here so others browsing this thread can also upvote it.  The number of votes that Ideas recieve help us prioritize.