Automatic repush config after customer reset


So far everything is going well with cnMaestro in our tests.

But we came across one scenario I would like to clarify

If the customer later presses the reset button on their R200 router, it does not automatically re-download the config file after booting back up - it remains on factory default.

We would like it to download the config file automatically after a reset and small delay if the device has previously been onboarded.

Can this be done?

At the moment if the customer presses reset, we must schedule a config push back out to the router.


Currently we have a feature in beta to track when devices’ configuration no longer match what was pushed by cnMaestro.  We detect when configuration was changed outside of a configuration job, flag the device and also raise a minor alarm.  With this we also provide a streamlined way to re-push the configuration to devices that are out of sync.

We don't have a mechanism in place to automatically push the configuration to devices when this happens though.

I recommend you publish this auto-sync feature request to the Ideas section at the top of the page ( so other can vote on it and so it doesn't get lost in the forum.  We use the Ideas section to help decide on future features to implement.