Automatic secure onboarding and ePSK´s generation with Thirdp Party tool: Wiflex

If you need a automatic secure Wi-Fi onboard tool to generate and delete ePSK´s on cnMaestro, have a look to following partner. They developed a full solution working with Cambium ePSK feature:


I've used this product myself and can confirm it is excellent and works great with ePSKs. Also WiFlex are great to work with.

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Thanks for the nice words Cambium_Harald  and Wright-Fi.

We indeed have different solutions in combination with the ePSK.

BYOD: An onboarding solution for Bring your own devices. They login with their Gsuite/Azure AD/Office 365 credentials and receive a secure WiFi password. You can also define a different vlan based on user groups in Gsuite/Azure/office365. If the user leaves the company we delete the epsk.

One click: With one click on a button (tablet) we generate an unique and secure WiFi password for easy onboarding of guests. I you know the product PPSK Kiosk (, it works like that solution but our solution is 100% cloud based and also work with Cambium

Visitor registration: All your visitors registrate very easy with a tablet, receive a badge and get a secure WiFi password. Also the host gets a message that the visitor arrived. Guest can easy onboard on the WiFi by scanning a qr code . We can print out a visitor badge.

Hotel (in development): We created a link with several PMS software. Guests receive a secure WiFi password during their stay and get in the same room area network as the television so they can stream Netflix, Youtube,… without installing an app. We hope to launch it in may and we are searching for test projects.

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