Automatic SSID Template


With our deployment of Mikrotik routers, we have a custom setup script that automatically sets an SSID of "ISPName-" followed by the last six characters of the router's MAC address (Using the same SSID for both bands) and set the WPA2 key to the serial number in lower case. This allows us to create a network name that's unique but also lets us automatically print a branded sticker based on information on the box / device so it's ready to deploy.

I see Cambium has the ability for cnMaestro to use the %{ESN} and %{MSN} macros with config overrides, though this will use the full MAC address, which is longer than we would want.

Is there any current workaround to do this without hooking into the API or doing it manually? If its not, I'm sure a lot of ISPs would appreciate either a config macro for the last six digits of the ESN or a checkbox in the SSID settings to append the last six digits of the router MAC to the SSID.