Automatic Upgrade of new E400 with CnMaestro

I just got a bunch of E400 radios (50) to deply for a project.  The first one I pulled out of the box had Firmware 1.5 on it, and would not connect to CnMaestro until I manually upgraded the firmware on the AP.  I have my CnMaestro account under manage -> settings set to 'allow automatic update of wifi devices'  Is the 1.5 firmware too old to auto update?  Am I going to have to manually update every AP before it's deployed?  I had already entered the MSN into CnMaestro before initially powering on the unit, and once the unit was manually upgraded, it did show up in CnMaestro. 

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We know that if the cnPIlot E device is running software version 1.5-a8, the yes, unfortunately, it is too old to benefit from the manage -> settings set to 'allow automatic update of wifi devices'.


Can you clarify the exact version of cnPilot 1.5 software you have (i.e. 1.5-a8, 1.5-r24, etc.).