Autopilot deployment,configuration and discussion

Check out the process to Onboard and Configure Autopilot on cnpilot platform HERE . Post any questions or feedback to this thread.

Thank you all.

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We have 2xE400 in a 25 people office lot of interference; they were on 3.3. We upgrated to 3.4.2 and tried autopilot.

1.- Had to set to factory defaults so they can see each other(they have to have vlan 1 configued for them to see each other. We are trying to get rid of vlan 1 on management 

2.- at first it seamed ok, but then didnt perform weell when interferece came on. They never apeared to be synced, little info on autopilot.

We disabled autopilot and went back to cnmaestro. 3.4.2 is handling better the roaming

We disabled all the "auto" features bacause we have some computers and printers that cant get disconected.

autopilot is in good track but needs a little more... the target should be make everyting "auto" once instaled/deploided no maintenance is needed; no analyzer, etc