AutoPilot - How to Onboard and Configure

How to onboard member aps to Master:-


Configure one of the aps in the network as master by typing the ip in browser.Master ap acts like a controller and can manage the other aps (member aps).Master ap along with itself can configure all the approved aps , upgrade the firmware and also show combined stats and events .

Feature Beta Release version:- 3.4.2-b20

Master aps and other member aps have to be in the same subnet (native vlan) network.

Network Topology:-


After configuring one of the ap in the network as autopilot master , refresh the UI.

Onboarding all the other member aps to master:-


Once the member aps (all the aps other then master) discovers the master ap , it will be shown on the dashboard of master ap. Approve the desired aps that you want to manage .

After approving the desired member aps , it will be listed under Access point tab as below.

Configuring ap with default wlan group:-


Initial network for deployment with external nat device and vlan segregation (having two vlans for the network)


All the aps have to be connected to native vlan. In this example that is vlan 1

Configure all the ports of switch as trunk with native vlan 1

Allowed vlan – 10,20

Native vlan -1

Configuring the master ap:-


     1. Configure country code ,ntp server in master ap Under system.


2.Configure the Ethernet ports as trunk under NETWORK.



3. Configure static ip on master ap and configure dhcp server for vlan 1 (native vlan)

Enable dhcp server options and give range of ip addreses. Starting ip address is given to can assign ip addresses from to range

4. This dhcp pool will be used to give ip to all devices on vlan1.

Add L3 interface of vlan 10 and 20 under networks. Enable nat in this L3 interface. Enable dhcp server for this vlan L3 interface. Default gateway should be the L3 interface static ip of the ap as depicted below

5. Add L3 interface of vlan 20. Enable dhcp server and nat as below.


Configuring wlan in default wlan group:-


   1. Add a wireless wlan

2. Fill the detail  like ssid and password in wlan page and save it. Give the ssid you want to use and give vlan as vlan 10

3. Add another wlan with vlan 20.Edit ssid and password as required. Configure vlan as 20

4. Check the configured wlans 

Connect member aps to the switch and those will get ip on vlan1 from master ap. Once the aps are approved, these wlans will be pushed to all approved member aps and master ap itself.

Connect clients to those wlans and check stats:-

Connect clients to those wlans and check stats.