Autopilot. Software Release 3.10.3 How to enable 802.11k & w support

How to enable 802.11k & w support in Autopilot mode?

This can be done via the CLI

Here are the commands you need to use:

(Cambium AP) (configure)# wireless wlan 1
(Cambium AP) (config-wlan-1) # rrm

(Cambium AP) (config-wlan-1) # save

This will likely be a check box in a future cnMaestro release.

Should it be enabled at each access point?
Access points in Autopilot mode.

All settings come from the master access point.

Ahh sorry, missed the Autopilot bit. From the master AP under “CLI Overrides” you can enable RRM for all APs.

I understand how to work with CLI.
And it is not clear to me which commands to enter into "CLI Overrides"

The same for normal CLI?

Yes, they are not different.